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Excavating | Dais Septic Services & Excavating - Pomeroy, OH

Excavating is useful for a number of professions, especially when it comes to those that involve plumbing and septic systems. For our Pomeroy, Ohio customers, Dais Septic Services & Excavating offers excavating services at an affordable price. Not only is our excavating service great for digging holes, but it’s a fantastic complement to our septic tank pumping and septic system installation services.

When you enlist our excavating service, you get access to services such as trucking, trenching, jetting, and the inspection of your septic system. Some of the tools and machinery we use are:

Chain/Wheel Trench Machines—As the name suggests, these machines are great for digging trenches. The types of trenches vary, though, and most chain and wheel trenchers specialize in digging closely in order to create depth.

Backhoes—Backhoes are also very useful when it comes to general excavating. They come with a bucket on the front and a backhoe on the back. They can dig trenches and have attachments that are ideal for transporting gravel, dirt, and soil where needed.

Excavating projects vary, so the type of machinery we use can vary too. For smaller jobs, we often prefer backhoes, but if the job is small enough, sometimes just a shovel and wheelbarrow will work. Regardless of the size of the job, Dais Septic Services & Excavating does the very best to ensure that everything is done correctly and that what needs excavating is excavated with precision and efficiency.

If you find yourself in need of excavating services, Dais Septic Services & Excavating is a company you can rely on. With high-quality work and affordable prices, we’re a team that you can trust. Give us a call today!