Septic System Installation

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Septic System Installation

Septic System Installation | Dais Septic Services & Excavating - Pomeroy, OH

Whether you’re moving into a newly renovated house, building a new home and need a new septic system installed, or find yourself in need of a septic system upgrade in the Pomeroy, Ohio area, we are here to help. Your septic system is important, as it manages the transport and storage of waste from your toilet. Dais Septic Services & Excavating offers quick and affordable residential and commercial septic system installation so you never have to worry about where your waste particles are going.

Septic system installation can be a lengthy process that includes many steps. The following are several of the steps we take when performing a septic system installation:

Regulations & Permits—Before any work is started, standards must be met and a permit must be obtained. Dais Septic Services & Excavating always complies with all county and state health laws and regulations prior to the job, so some of the permit processes might include determining the drainage field size of the system.

Flow Plan—For a gravity-fed septic system, we plan for the drainage flow to move downhill, hence the name gravity-fed. This kind of system requires only two things: an aerobic divided tank made of concrete and a perforated pipe buried in gravel and rocks.

Excavation—A septic system installation includes excavating the area where the system is to be placed. The way the land is excavated is related to the tests performed during the permit process.

Cover Up—Once we receive the “okay” from the health inspector, it’s time to cover everything. Areas will require a filter made of fabric, newspaper, or a type of builder’s paper to cover the drainage rocks.

Septic system installation is a key part of building and maintaining a house. Whether your old system was faulty or you’re installing one for the first time, Dais Septic Services & Excavating is the company for you. With our affordable prices, you don’t need to look anywhere else!